Great Plains Drilling's Safety Program is considered to be of utmost importance to the success of the organization and is incorporated into company policies and procedures. Management is prepared to maintain the highest standard of safety necessary for the efficient and productive operation of the company. It is the objective of our organization to maintain a healthy and safe work environment and to eliminate hazards which could potentially cause injury to workers or damage to property, the environment or equipment.

Great Plains Drilling staff consists of qualified people who are conscientious about safety, protecting the people they are working with and the environment around them.  We aim to do a safe and cost effective job for our clients.
All Drillers and Driller Helpers have the following:

  • H2S Aware
  • TDG
  • Seismic Blasting Certificate
  • First Aid
  • ATV Course
  • Valid Driver’s License

Our HSEC Site Safety Supervisors also have the above training, as well as their Seismic Field Operations Supervisor (SFOS) training and are currently in the process of taking Incident and Accident Investigation training.  While in the field, the HSEC Supervisor ensures all policies, procedures and safe work practices are being followed.

Great Plains Drilling has two in-house ATV & UTV trainers that ensure all employees are trained to operate an ATV & UTV safely on the job.

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